What’s up with Anna?

As you may, or may not know, Anna Flanagan (yes – the one and only) has been a blogger for our magazine. After the last Olympics in 2016 she returned to Australia and loads of things have changed in her life. For the better. We have kept in touch with this angel-in-disguise & felt it was time for an update! 

So Anna, we’ve seen a lot about work, hockey, fitness, charity & haircolour changes. Your life changed a lot, so tell us more on the how & the whats; I am still in training 6 days a week with hockey, and loving it! But I now have focused more on my career in the media. I still want to play at a high level and am playing some of my best hockey yet, however I also need to work to pay he bills! I like to keep things interesting, including my hair colour. I do commentary, athlete interviews and present both in person and on television now. It keeps me very busy but I get to watch a lot of sport and meet some amazing athletes. It also allows me to travel not only Australia but he World.

You are now a sports reporter for fox sports Australia – is this as glamorous as it looks? I work in the digital team and it is early mornings or late nights. I can be home at 1 am four nights in a row.. so it is much more difficult than you would think. Because I do freelance work I am able to hold a few different jobs and travel. Last year I did the commentary in India for the hockey World League men’s final. These days could be 14 hours long so a lot goes on behind the scenes that you wouldn’t know of as a viewer.

What about your charities? Can your fans help here? I support a number of charities, from animal refuge homes to mental health awareness. These are things I am passionate about and have a personal connection with. People can help in all kinds of ways and it is up to us to keep the conversation going.

PS do you miss Holland a little bit & what do you miss most, kroketten, stroopwafels or…? I do want to come back and play or live in Holland again. I absolutely love it! It is one of my favorite places in the world. I miss bitterballen haha but also learning the language, riding bikes, the beautiful little towns, and of course my best friend Marli!!  (Oranje-Rood & Polish hockey player Marlena Rybacha) 

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